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I have not looked at Yacy for quite a while since I quite frankly found that it in short uses way to much resources when it is running in the background and unacceptable amounts of resources when doing a search while it - honestly - never finds anything usefull (compared to any corporate search engine). When I read through the "Performance" page just now it struck me that a anti-performance page is needed - a page that explains how to make YaCy use less resources at the cost of say .. crawling slower, etc. What I mean by this is that average joe user is not going to even consider YaCy, but slightly skilled computer users who understand that corporate fascism is bad may want to try it. However, these will probably find that it is a resource-hug and - like I did - forgetaboutit. A page which explains how to still get alright performance on your desktop while running YaCy - which means YaCy needs to take longer pauses and do things slower - is perhaps a very good idea. Also, just it have said it: The number of YaCy users ain't growing. My guess is that it's because makes your box utterly slow if you start it with default settings and leave it running for a while. Unless I misunderstood and YaCy is really only for people willing to run it on a dedicated box then less-resource-using default settings and a page which explains how to make it use less resources than it does by default is seriously needed. The "Performance" page as of now only explains how to make it use even more, and that's only interesting if you're willing to dedicate a server just for it. P2P with yourself and a few developers is pointless. YaCy installed on millions of desktop-boxes could be interesting, but that's just not going to happen unless it uses about the same resources as MSN or Limewire etc --Xiando 11:26, 8. Mär 2008 (CET)