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Hello. I'm Xiando.

I use Tor for most of my browsing needs, and Scroogle for most of my searching needs. Scroogle scrapes Google and delivers the search results from them without telling Google where the search is coming from (Which they wouldn't know anyway, since I use Tor, but Google has too much JavaScript, sets cookies and censors too much of the indexable web away from the visible web.

The YaCy experiment

I'm currently running to test just how tell it works at this point in time. It may become a very good site for people who want to search using YaCy but can't (dissidents in China, computer illiterate people, people with very old hardware) or won't (Why should I, Why should I care?) run a YaCy peer themselves.

So far I'm very disappointed.

  • YaCy finds nothing,
  • YaCy uses ages to do a search,
  • searching for "this very sentance" or keyword1+keyword2+keyword3+keyword4 works poorly,
  • and it has this "proxy" functionality which is just crap (no offense, but it's soo slow) compared to polipo, privoxy and even squid, and the "proxy" can't even be disabled/turned off completely (hey, I want P2P search, not a poorly implemented proxy)
  • Search is utterly slow.

But hey, YaCy may improve over time, who knows. Atleast it works. And the above list isn't my biggest disappoitment: it's the lack of documentation on how the protocol works, how the database is designed, and more important, exactly why design decisions are done the way they are. And the code has little or no comments at all. Also, most of the information about YaCy is in some language I hardly remember learning in school.

But hey. The license's great! It's licensed under the excellent GNU GPL. So all of the above and more will improve.

My YaCy experiment

I've already mentioned it: I run (reply: Aren't you exposing yourself a little too much? Why not run it as a hidden service? Gnetter 19:35, 6. Sep 2010 (CEST))

I've decided to deploy 256-bit SSL encryption used a certificate signed by on my YaCySearch website - to stop your IP and your keywords from falling into the wrong hands. Which is good, if you are naive and think my hands are somehow the right hands.

What you really should be doing is to use Tor to search this site - this ensures that your keywords can't fall into anybody's hands (Including Tor exit node operators such as me. Few people are aware that it is actually very easy for us to eavesdrop on all plain-text port 80 http connections going through our peer - we can't see who is sending the requests, but that doesn't really matter if you login somewhere, does it, we can still take your username and login and spam the living day out of whatever forum/mail service/something you visited. But we can't eavesdrop https).

Tor + https == good for you and your loved ones.

More information

I am not important. Benutzer:Orbiter is. And Benutzer:Theli. Not you. And Benutzer:Allo. Go read about them instead.

Slander, etc

Yes. My involvement with "that" kind of entertainment is indicated. I admit that.