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Development Releases

This description relies to a Debian-Jessie release.


As of May 2016 (Version: 1.83/9781), you need java 1.7 and ant (cf. <YACY-installDir>/yacy_search_server/readme.mediawiki).


First, create a ' <YaCy-installDir> ' directory (e.g. /opt/YaCy/) and ' cd ' to it.

$ cd /opt/YaCy

Then download the latest YaCy-Version from the Github repository

$ git clone https://github.com/yacy/yacy_search_server


Change to the YaCy-root directory ' yacy_search_server/ ' and compile YaCy

$ cd <YACY-installDir>/yacy_search_server/
$ ant clean all

When the compilation has finished a new and empty ' DATA ' directory has been created: ' <YACY-installDir>/yacy_search_server/DATA '.

First Start

Stay in the YaCy-root directory ' <YACY-installDir>/yacy_search_server/ ' and start YaCy

$ ./startYACY.sh

In a second terminal-window you can monitor YaCy's startup and running

$ cd <YACY-installDir>/yacy_search_server/DATA/LOG
$ tail -f yacy00.log

If all went fine, YaCy is up now and running. If you like, you can stop monitoring YaCy by sending

$ Ctrl-c

in the second terminal window.

As long as YaCy is running a file called ' yacy-running ' sits in the ' DATA ' directory indicating yacy is up.
Launch your browser and navigate to your YaCy webpage

$ iceweasel localhost:8090

YaCy comes up with its search interface. Click on the ' Administration '-button in the upper right corner and change to the administration page. Here you should assign a new password and perhaps a new peername to your YaCy peer. To do so, move your pointer to the upper left corner of the administration page and click ' Use Case & Accounts ' in the ' First Steps ' tab. The ' Basic Configuration ' page opens. Fill in your new ' peer-name ' under item 3 and finalize by clicking on ' Set Configuration '.
Then click on ' Use Case & Accounts >> Accounts ' in the upper navigation bar and change to the ' User Administration ' page. Check the ' Access only with qualified account ' radio button and fill in an admin-name and password. Finalize with ' Define Administrator '.

Before shutting down your host, shutdown YaCy by clicking on the ' Shutdown ' button in the upper right corner of the page. Depending on YaCy's burdon and activities the shutdown process can last for while - so be patient. You can check this by inspecting the ' yacy-running ' entry in the ' DATA ' directory. If this file has vanished then YaCy is shutdowned.