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Information about stable versions

see Release Notes web page

version 1.90

  • date navigation
  • translation xliff support

version 1.82

  • IPv6 routing enhancements
  • introduction of firstseen index
  • dates in content recognition
  • snapshot in search results

version 1.80

  • first Java 7 version

version 1.72

  • last Java 6 version (newer Versions require Java 7)

version 1.70

  • update of the user interface (using Bootstrap frameworks)

version 1.67/1.68

  • Integration of Jetty as http Server

version 0.9

  • Navigator boxes in search form
  • spelling suggestions for keywords
  • direct phpBB DB import
  • direct MediaWiki DB import
  • API control (replicate actions)

version 0.8

  • refactoring internal data structures -> speed up
  • spreading indices speed up
  • direct Dublin Core Format import (for huge Collections as wikipedia)
  • Live search
  • UPnP Portforwarding support
  • Installer supports Java 64bit

version 0.7

  • UTF-8 support
  • inurl: und filetype: keywords support
  • API supports JSON
  • CGI support for HTTP server
  • UI refactoring

version 0.6

  • auto-reindex for bookmarks
  • sysTray Icon for Windows
  • customizing for public webinterface
  • performance profiles

version 0.59

  • Intranet only search (Robinson mode)
  • terminal page with sysmon

version 0.57

  • This Version needs Java 1.5.

version 0.56

  • This Version is the last one based upon Java 1.4.2.

Information about unstable versions

This version is build mainly for developers doing tests with different SVN versions. If the named bugs are also in stable, list them above, too.

version 0.561 +

  • Version 0.561 and greater are based upon Java 1.5 (Java 5). There's a support thread for this purpose at the german YaCy-Forum.

Information about used external libraries version

Version information about the external libraries that YaCy is using can be found here:

YaCy on download portals