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Index Deletion API

Documents in the Solr index can be deleted using the servlet /IndexDeletion_p.html. To delete a single url, call an expression like the following:


Using a command-line script, you would call i.e. (using curl)

curl -s "http://localhost:8090/IndexDeletion_p.html?engage-querydelete=&querydelete=sku:\"\"" > /dev/null

The parameter options are explained below in detail.

engage-querydelete (no value needed) - this key must be present to trigger a deletion using the property 'querydelete'
querydelete This must be a solr query term. To find appropriate field names, have a look at the Solr Schema editor /IndexSchema_p.html. The field name for the url is 'sku'. Conjunctions and disjunctions are possible using the work AND and OR (in uppercase letters). For a complete guide to Solr query terms, please see the Solr Query Syntax.