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FreeBSD Install Guide


Next to Java YaCy requires bash and either wget or curl to work. These are used for the scripts you find in ./bin. So we install those via pkg or ports

# Using pkg:
pkg install openjdk curl bash

Java Setup

Java requires proc and fd to be mounted. Make sure to append these lines to /etc/fstab

fdesc /dev/fd fdescfs rw 0 0
proc /proc procfs rw 0 0

Then reboot or mount them manually for the changes to take effect.

Install YaCy

For security reasons you should run YaCy as its own user. So you might want to add a user called YaCy and switch to it.

# As root:
Username: yacy
# Switch to user yacy
su - yacy

You need to download and extract the Linux version of YaCy. Luckily it does not seem to be Linux specific at all.

curl -o yacy.tar.gz http://www.yacy.net/release/yacy_<CURRENT_RELEASE>.tar.gz # Replace CURRENT_RELEASE with whatever the current version is
tar xzvf yacy.tar.gz

That's it! You can now cd into directory and start YaCy.

cd yacy

Side notes for YaCy developers and advanced users

To make the installation easier "/usr/bin/env bash" in various scripts should be replaced with "/usr/bin/env sh". Bash doesn't seem to be required for scripts to work, so this would remove an explicit dependency. FreeBSD comes with ftp (which also supports http) and fetch, which could theoretically be used in bin/apicall.sh. However the way the password is sent (using MD5:...) appears to be causing problems. I was not yet able to work around this. If this could be fixed curl/wget would not be required.