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Using Autoupdate

Just go to this page: http://localhost:8090/ConfigUpdate_p.html

You can either manually choose a release from the updatelocations and update or enable the autoupdate feature. The autoupdate regularly (configure the interval) checks the updatelocations. You can choose between main (stable snapshot-releases ~ every 2 months) or the current dev releases. The dev releases ending on 123 are often more experimental than the others, so they are blacklisted by default.

Setup your own update location

An updatelocation is just a HTML-Page with links to yacy-tarballs conforming to the version-scheme. The updatelocation is configured per network in the network-definition (for example defaults/yacy.network.freeworld.unit):

network.unit.update.location0 = http://your.domain.tld/yacyreleases/

Setup signatures

To be sure, YaCy really downloads the tarballs, the updatelocation admin uploaded, you should provide signatures for your releases. DNS-spoofing, man-in-in-the-middle-attacks or attacks on the webserver are not that difficult.

Generate a private and a public key

Configure the location where to put the private key with the property privateKeyFile in build.properties . Then run

ant genkey

The private key will be created at the specified location. The public key has the extension .pub.

Icon info.png Note: The default value for privateKeyFile is "private.key" and the private and public key are directly created in the yacy folder

Put public key in networkdefinition

The network definition file should look like this:

network.unit.update.location0 = http://your.domain.tld/yacyreleases/
network.unit.update.location0.key = MIIBuDCCASwGQeEwx7V...(very long)...bukaPtQxr2p9y1QNZFauihmu4ak4AyT

Now, YaCy will try to download the signature and check it. So provide .sig-files!

Icon info.png Note: The default network definitions file is located in defaults/yacy.network.freeworld.unit.

But the values can be changed during runtime as well here: http://localhost:8090/ConfigProperties_p.html

Generate a distribution tarball with signature

Just run:

ant clean dist sign

You'll find the tarball and a .sig-file in the RELEASE-directory. Put them on the updatelocation

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