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Arch Install Guide

YaCy has a PKGBUILD in the AUR which greatly simplifies installation. You can install this PKGBUILD with an AUR helper or by hand.


Using an AUR Helper

If you are using a full-featured AUR helper like packer, yaourt, or another of that ilk, you can run
packer -S yacy
yaourt -S yacy
. Adjust for your specific helper.

By hand

First, ensure that you have installed all the dependencies; specifically, you need sudo, libcups, xorg-server, and java-environment. Install these with pacman. Once this is finished, download and extract the PKGBUILD from the AUR. You can do this from your web browser (link) and extract it using your favorite GUI tool, or you can run the following command:

$ curl https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/ya/yacy/yacy.tar.gz | tar -xz
Now cd into the folder that the tarball extracted to (most likely called "yacy") and run
. (Note: if you forgot to install the dependecies before, you should run makepkg -s.) This will build us a nice .tar.xz package which pacman knows how to handle. Once makepkg completes, install the package with pacman:
# pacman -U yacy-(YourVersion)-(YourArchitecture).tar.xz

(replace YourVersion and YourArchitecture with the current version and your chip architecture (either i686 or x86_64). Tab completion helps a lot here.)


To actually start YaCy, you need to start its daemon with systemd:

# systemctl start yacy.service

YaCy needs about a minute to initialize, bootstrap, and in general get up and running. If you'd like the YaCy daemon to run automagically at boot, enable its service with systemd:

# systemctl enable yacy.service

You're all set! Don't forget to open your firewall or set up port forwarding to contribute your index to the network!