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It is easy to translate the YaCy interface to other languages:

  • take the english->german translation file from a copy of YaCy as template (the german because that is most probably up-to-date).

The file can be found at

  • rename the file to <newlanguage>.lng. Please name the file after the current ISO 3166-1 codes e.g. de.lng for German translation or gr.lng for Greek translation.
  • edit the file: for each servlet page there are sentence-to-sentence and word-to-word translations as property lists.
Originaltext==Your Translation e.g. Hello world==Hallo Welt
  • you can change the language by opening

on your YaCy peer

  • if you then changed something again in the translation file, you will see the changes if you select any other language and then switch back to your language (that triggers the translation again)
  • please look at the translated interface page: some pages may have missing translation strings! If the interface pages changed meanwhile some strings may be superfluous. Please adopt your translation to the actual servlet page.

finally, send us that file (tell about what you did in our forum) or clone the git repository and send us a pull request!

  • check nothing is broken in the pages you translated

Locale files editing notes

  • Be careful with words or text which are also part of urls or HTML attributes. For example in index.html : 'Search' is the label of a button, but also part of many urls and templates values.