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Warning.png Deprecated: Use /xml/bookmarks/get_bookmarks.xml instead!


  • NONE - if called without parameters, all public bookmarks a returned in their folder structure
  • login=[true,false] - if empty or true, login is forced
  • tag=[tagName]- if a tagName is given, only bookmarks with an associated tag tagName are returned in a single XBEL-folder named tagName
  • folder=[folderName]- returns a single folder (bookmarks and sub folders)
  • style=[url]- lets you set a link for css/xsl style sheet


  <title>YaCy Bookmark Folder</title>
  <folder id="UcD_SfgRqGpG">
    <bookmark id="eNBGEQz62MCQ" href="" added="2008-01-26T08:46:32Z">
      Welcome! - The Apache Software Foundation
      <metadata owner="Mozilla" ShortcutURL="open source,apache,"/>
      <metadata owner="YaCy" public="true"/>
      Homepage of the Apache Web Server Project.



  • Bookmarks.html [Export XML]
  • YaCy-UI